Who are Global Village?
The Global Village was started in 1997 by Chris, Stuart and Simon, all of whom came from Independent travel backgrounds. They all felt that things could be done differently and better and the Global Village was formed. The company has gone from strength to strength ever since and is now central London’s # 1 for independent travel.
What do you specialise in?
The Global Village deal with all aspects of Independent travel but as with all companies we’re pretty unbeatable in a couple of areas even if we do say so ourselves! Firstly overland tours and adventure travel – our staff love it and spend much of their time abroad on various overland trips. Many of us have also travelled on the Trans-Siberian and you cannot replace first hand experience when making enquiries into such a trip. Thirdly we’re pretty handy with multi stop tickets, both one way and round the world…in fact we reckon we’re pretty untouchable.
Is my money safe with you?
Absolutely. We are fully bonded with ATOL and IATA and we also sell flights on behalf of an ATOL agent. Therefore if anything were to happen to us and I was to be found in the queue at Holborn Job centre, then your money is completely safe
We also include Schedule Airline Failure Insurance onto every ticket so that if any airline you are using goes bust then you are covered and will be either moved onto another airline or refunded your money.
Do you deal with low cost carriers?
As a travel agency we deal only with scheduled airlines that generally serve the worlds major airports in 10,000’s of destinations throughout the world. The low cost carriers can give you great deals but take care to find out a little about the airport you will be flying into (e.g.: how far out of the city it is actually situated!)
What is this tax on flights?
The tax is airport tax, money that the airport is charging you to use its facilities. This money is collected for them by the airlines. In some cases the airline does not collect it and you will be charged upon departing from the airport…either way they’ll get it from you!
What happens if I have to cancel?
The cancellation conditions on flights and tours will vary hugely between the different airlines and the different tour companies. We will always mark the cancellation conditions on any bookings or quotes that we send out to you and you are advised to make a point of reading them. It is also important to take adequate insurance cover so that you can cover yourself in the event of not being able to travel (again, always read what the cancellation cover is valid for).
Can I have a discount?
Most of the flights that we sell are already a 'discounted flight' in that they are cheaper than the airline will sell to you directly for. Beyond that, the margins on these flights are often as little as 3-4% and therefore there is little more we can take off before we start to make a loss!
We would however hope that our initial prices and our ingenuity will have saved you many £’s and hours in the first place. We are often praised by our customers for coming up with solutions that other agents simply hadn’t found. It is this that we aim to keep achieving.
What about availability?
Well in short, if we haven’t got any, no one will have. We all look at the same flight reservation systems and none of the reputable tour companies keep allocations of seats back for anyone. Therefore it’s all ‘fair game’ out there. There is no use in phoning round 5 or 6 agents if the first two have told you there are no seats available on the flight you want.


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