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Over the last 10 years Global Village and its partners in Russia, Mongolia, and China have sent thousands of passengers on great Trans Siberian trips. Heres what a few of our passengers had to say about the trip:


Dear James,

Here are some Mongolian horses, to say Thank You for all your help with my recent Trans Siberian trip.  It was a completely brilliant experience – the world seems a lot bigger now! All the best,

Jonathan Dove, London E2 (April 2008)

Mongolian Horses



Just a quick email to say thank you to everyone at Global Village for helping us with our trip to Russia and the Transiberian. It was a journey and a half, and we had a wonderful time. The trip is not for the faint hearted and at times it can be quite tough e.g being on a train for four days without a shower and being in a cabin with a Russian male with very bad body odor however the scenery, the swim in Lake Baikal, staying in a Mongolian Ger camp and seeing the Great Wall of China made it all worth while. Thanks for all your help and advice with our trip, you were fabulous. We also thought of a few travel tips for people for the transiberian, just a few things you could suggest to people

1. Food to bring along; tuna, cus cus, latte or hot choc mixes for hot drinks, tinned fruit and , tuna. Pot noodles are unfortunately a must.

2. Other essential items; Anti septic wipes and self dry hand sanitiser. Thongs/Flip Flops for trips to the loo.

3. Make clients aware that the train between Russia and Mongolia is quite old, also be prepared for Mongolian Merchants sleeping in your bed when you get on. They dont have tickets and the carriage attendent is somehow involved with them getting free beds.  You will get your place but you may have to have a little argument with these people.

4.Book out the whole cabin if possible e.g if there is three of you , book out last bed as it will be better experience for you especially on the 4 day train leg.

5. Bring a Russian phrase book.

6. The information book from Russian experience should be updated, some information is old. (We are on this - its out in September - web ed)

7. Bring electronicals e.g DVD players, Ipods, Nintendo DS etc as there are electical power charges on train and they are long trips.

Sarah Jane, Australian in London (August 2007 - Did the Big Trans Sib with sister and boyfriend)


The Trans-Siberian is one of those rare experiences that entirely lives up to its hype. Romantic notions of sitting on your bunk staring at the passing Taiga, with a Tolstoi on your lap and a tea/vodka in your hand are very easily made true. It's by far the most relaxing, but constantly surprising, journey I've ever made.
Amy from Earls Court did The Big Trans Sib (With St Petes Add on).

The Siberian plains provide a beautiful endless backdrop, as you have a cup of tea, read a book or, best of all, eat drink and be merry with what must be one of the most diverse groups of strangers you'll ever meet. Take a Russian phrase book, a cup and your favourite drinks.
Also take Pot Noodles or better still buy the Russian equivalents, and be proud as you look out across Siberia and tuck into a lovely hot snack! My Russian cabin mates lived off them! I could think of more but don't want to be too specific or waffle, one would be don't get so p1ssed on vodka you can't climb into your bunk bed, but that's probably not the image everyone wants!
Ben from Balham did The Big Trans Sib (With St Petes Add on)

Jeremy Head - Travel Journalist and broadcaster did the Trans Sib with us in 2003 (
As a travel journo I'm always asked what's the best trip I've ever done. The answer is easy - the Trans-Sib. It's quite simply unforgettable. I'd do it again at a shot - amazing scenery, unique experiences, crazy people all washed down with a good slug of vodka. The trip also got me my first cover feature in The Times. Read the complete story here:,,26016-1117223,00.html
Jeremy (from Brighton) did The Big Trans Sib.


"I took the Trans-Mongolian towards the end of winter. I've never been so cold in my life but it gave me an excellent appreciation of how life really is for the people of Russia and Mongolia. The time we spent with the nomads in Mongolia was fascinating, and the local people I met on the train itself taught me more about these cultures than any guidebook ever will. I'd recommend travelling March-May when there are fewer other Westerners - just don't forget to pack your thermals!"
Lyn from Australia did The Epic Trans Sib.

Travelling thousands of miles across five time zones by train was an amazing way to see three great countries, the stopovers in Siberia and Mongolia meant we could sample the local culture too. It was good to mix with the local people on the train and I made great friends with fellow travellers in the dining car.
The funniest thing on the trains was the one from Russia to Mongolia where apart from about 10 of us travellers everybody else (all Mongolian) was smuggling stuff - they had screwdrivers and stashed clothes, blankets, electrical wire and all sorts of stuff under every floor and in every ceiling and in every spare bit of space, even the guards were involved. They tried to stash stuff in our cabins and we had to give them a stern No before they gave up.
If you're interested I have put some photos up on the web from my trip -
Bens in New Zealand and did the Big Trans Sib and the Scenic Chinese

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